Why Sports Teams Love Traveling With Us

Youth soccer, high school golf, college basketball…regardless of the time of year or the age of the players, there’s almost always some kind of sport that’s in-season and dedicated athletes who want to get in on the action. Another thing that generally doesn’t change: the need for players to travel for “away” games.

At ECHO Transportation, we serve a wide variety of groups. We’d like to think that we’re so popular because of our impeccable customer service, strict adherence to schedules, and knack for hiring (and training) friendly, professional drivers. However, we do offer a few advantages that make us particularly attractive to sports teams. For example:

We Enable the Whole Team to Travel Together

We’re certainly not going to knock the dedicated parents and coaches who carpool or caravan in order to get young athletes where they need to go. Doing so—especially in personal vehicles—definitely shows dedication to the team’s success. However, when everyone is split up into groups, it’s much harder to keep track of their whereabouts, and that can lead to logistics problems (“Half of the team is here, but the other half is stuck in traffic!”) and safety issues (“Wait, you thought that Tyler was in my car? I thought that he was in your car!”). ECHO vehicles, on the other hand, are large enough that an entire team can comfortably fit inside one bus or van. Collective travel helps ensure that everyone gets to venues (or back home) safely and simultaneously, which will relieve some stress on the shoulders of parents, coaches, and chaperones.

Echo Transportation trusted by school in Pearland, TX

Another aspect to consider: when the whole team makes the journey together, they have opportunities to bond as a group and build their relationships with one another. Essentially, riding on the bus becomes part of the experience of being on the team!

We’ve Got Enough Room for Everyone’s Gear

Athletes tend to carry a lot of stuff. Uniforms, helmets and paddings, water bottles, balls, equipment essential to the sport (e.g., bats, rackets, sticks)—the list goes on and on. In a compact car, a single athlete’s bag can take up an entire seat on its own. And if you get multiple athletes in one vehicle, you’d better pray that there’s enough trunk space for everybody’s belongings, lest you be subjected to loud complaining (and/or backseat roughhousing) for the duration of the trip!

Each of ECHO’s vehicles are designed with comfort in mind, and that includes ample leg room and storage space. All of the items that your athletes need to succeed can make the journey without interfering with seating arrangements. Drivers, coaches, and chaperones won’t have to worry about refereeing disagreements over personal space or elbow room, and the athletes will have an easier time staying relaxed and in good spirits before the big game.

Our Motor Coaches are Equipped with State-of-the-Art Amenities

Let’s be honest: folks of all ages can get bored very quickly on long car rides. Athletes, who typically revel in opportunities to be outgoing and active, may have an especially tough time going with the flow or keeping themselves busy. Sing-alongs and road trip games (like “I Spy”) are traditional ways of passing time, but in 2018, those activities may seem a bit cliché or tiresome.

That’s where we come in. All but the smallest vehicles in our fleet are equipped with power outlets (perfect for plugging in electronic devices), Wi-Fi, and DVD players. Our 56-seater motorcoach ups the ante by providing satellite TV and PA systems. If an old-fashioned singalong is really what our passengers want, then they can turn it into a full-blown karaoke party!

Oh, and because this question inevitably comes up when we’re discussing long car trips: yes, all of our larger vehicles are equipped with restroom facilities. For many travelers, that’s the most important thing of all!

Are you a coach who’s looking for reliable transportation for your team? Are you an athlete who’s tired of being roped in to driving you and your teammates to venues just because you own a spacious vehicle? Are you a parent who’s dreading the prospect of carting around a handful of rowdy young people for another season? We definitely want to hear from you! Contact us today to make arrangements for your future travel needs. Our vans, buses, and motorcoaches can accommodate teams of any size.

Please, allow ECHO to shoulder the stress of getting the team to your event on time and in style. That way, athletes—and the ones who teach and support them—can all just focus on giving upcoming games their best effort!