Visiting Austin for Annual Austin Music Awards

austin music awardsIt’s that time of year again! On Wednesday, February 28, The Moody Theater in Austin, Texas will play host to The 36th Annual Austin Music Awards. This event seeks to celebrate the local bands and artists who have helped contribute to Austin’s title of “the live music capital of the world;” fans are encouraged to vote for their favorite acts so that the most popular groups can earn special accolades. Proceeds from ticket sales will benefit The SIMS Foundation, an Austin-based charity that provides music industry employees with financial aid for mental health and addiction recovery services.

A trip down to Texas’s “River City” for the Austin Music Awards (AMA) has the potential to be an incredible experience, but some pre-planning is definitely in order! Here are our tips for a successful visit:

Make a vacation out of it.

If you’ve never before been to Austin, please understand that there’s much, much more to the city than the State Capitol, the University of Texas, and The Moody Theater. Museums, public parks, small businesses, hole-in-the-wall restaurants—Austin has them all, which means that there’s no excuse for being bored during your visit. Recommendations about where to go or what to do can be found on TripAdvisor and Keep Austin Weird.

It’s pretty much impossible to see everything worth seeing in 48 hours or less, so instead of rolling into town on Tuesday evening and leaving early on Thursday morning, why not plan to stay in Austin for a few days? This will give you a chance to explore the city and discover for yourself what makes it special. Attending the AMA can be the sole reason for your visit…or they can be just a single leg of a one-of-a-kind vacation experience. It’s up to you!

Know that not all tickets are the same.

This is an event with designated seating; keep that in mind when you’re purchasing tickets. While admission starts at $35, that number is limited to certain balcony areas; the price goes up to $45 for preferred (“gold”) balcony seating, and you can expect to pay $150 for a single mezzanine seat.

The AMA’s Ticketfly page has a tool to help buyers find the best seats within their price range. More importantly, though, it can help groups find available seats packed closely together. Going to a concert is always more fun when you’re with friends or family, but what’s not fun is having to split up your “squad” once you arrive because your designated seats are all over the venue! Pay attention to the seat numbers on your tickets before you hit ‘purchase,’ and consider ordering several tickets at once (the maximum allowed per Ticketfly account is six) to help facilitate group seating. Another piece of advice for groups: act now rather than later, as accommodating large numbers of people will become progressively more difficult as the event date draws closer! That brings us to our final point…

Getting there is half the fun.

AMA night is more than a month away, so there’s still time for you to hire a transportation company to get you—and your traveling companions—where you need to go. You’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of road-tripping without forcing anyone to be responsible for driving duties. Also, instead of having to decide whose car (or cars) you’ll take on your trek into the city, you’ll be chauffeured with a professional driver in a top-quality passenger van or mini-coach. While someone else watches the road, negotiates traffic conditions, and keeps an eye on the schedule, you and your group can kick back, relax, and enjoy amenities like premium sound systems, spacious seating, and onboard Wi-Fi.

Hey, you’re going to see local celebrities. Why not arrive at the event feeling like one?


The Austin Music Awards show promises to be an amazing evening full of live music and opportunities to support your favorite “underground” artists and performers. It’s also a great way to contribute to a worthy cause. Whether you consider yourself a patron of the arts or simply someone who loves concerts, this event is not something to sleep on!

So grab your friends, put together an itinerary, and make a reservation with ECHO Transportation for your travel needs. You focus on enjoying your favorite bands and making February 28th a night to remember, and we’ll focus on getting you there in style!