The Benefits of Bus Travel

Summer’s almost here, and in Texas, that’s prime time for road trips and activities! Overnight camps, retreat’s, church excursions, family reunions, business events…whatever the reason, a lot of folks find themselves traveling out of town for a few days during June, July, and August.

If you’re in charge of one of the aforementioned projects, it may fall on your shoulders to make transportation decisions for large numbers of people. And at Echo Transportation, we firmly believe that many companies could benefit from offering bus services to their guests and/or employees. Whether you’re trying to plan a teambuilding retreat for your company or simply wanting to attract guests to a venue that you own, here are a few reasons why buses are a great choice:

Bus Travel is a Safer Option.

There are two major explanations as to why buses are safer than regular cars. The first is simple physics; a large vehicle will carry considerably more momentum than a smaller vehicle moving at the same speed, which will make it less vulnerable to outside forces. If a large vehicle and a small vehicle collide with one another, the small vehicle is definitely going to “feel” it harder than the large vehicle!

The second factor to consider is that buses are typically operated by professional drivers. This means a more intensive training program, a higher degree of scrutiny, and—in the case of Echo drivers—considerably higher expectations when it comes to safety and professionalism. All Drivers must meet DOT Criteria of passing Medical Exams, Background Checks and participate in random drug and alcohol screening.  They must adhere to Hours of Service.  A driver holding a Commercial Drivers License is held to a higher standard to keep your safety priority.

Motorcoahes are a Greener Option.

As more and more communities gain an interest in being eco-friendly, larger numbers of people are looking to buses and motorcoaches for their transportation needs. This makes sense; a bus can transport substantially more passengers than the average van, which translates to fewer pollutants entering the air in the form of exhaust and less fuel being consumed. Buses can reduce the number of cars on the road, too, and that means less traffic. And if you choose to work with a bus company that’s actively working on reducing their carbon footprint, well, so much for the better!
A tour group travelling with Echo Transportation stops for a scenic view of the landscape in Orderville, UT

Charter Buses Can Give Groups a Sense of Serenity, Unity, and Being Cared For.

For many kids and teens attending public school, riding on the bus is a major part of their day. Whether their trip lasts 15 minutes or 40, it’s a time to socialize with their peers, get through a few more pages in the book that they’re reading, or just chill for a little bit before they arrive at school or get dropped off at home. Bus rides to out-of-town trips often have a similar feel to them; folks can chit-chat, review notes or itineraries, or relax while someone else chauffeurs them to their location. And while a sing-along or a game of “Down by the Banks” might not go over very well with a bus full of middle-aged adults, kids (and, surprisingly enough, older teens) are often delighted to participate.

Providing bus transportation is also a great way to show your guests or employees that you’re interested in their overall well-being. When groups travel together (instead of everyone either carpooling or just driving their own car), it helps ensure that everyone gets to their planned destination safely; there’s less risk of anyone being left behind or getting lost. Additionally, this setup eliminates the need for people to make their own travel arrangements. Want to entice people to participate in your program? Tell them that they don’t have put miles on their car or spend money on gas in order to get to the venue!


Our company’s fleet is comprised of a wide variety of automobiles, including vans, motor coaches, and—of course—buses. When you need to move a large number of people, buses are a safe, green, and pleasant choice for doing so. And when you want to move a large number of passengers in comfort and style, Echo vehicles are hard to beat! With onboard amenities like Wi-Fi access, premium entertainment systems, and restrooms, these aren’t your “average” buses. So call us today to learn how we can help you make your summer event extra luxurious!