Places In Dallas to Tour for Holiday Lights

Few holidays bring the same type of magic to the air as this time of year. The lights are a spectacular bit of fun. All over the country, and especially in North Texas, households and businesses alike put up millions of twinkling lights in countless designs and patterns. This attraction will bring people from all over the world to the Dallas area just to see the sights, and this may yet turn out to be the very best chance for you to come together as a group with friends or family for an adventure.

Highland Park Adventures

A holiday light tour is already available if you contact the right transportation group, and these sightseeing excursions let you see the very best of the best. Highland Park must be the place to start, as thousands gather there each year to see the increasingly extravagant lights put up on every street, alley, and shopping area. Try to start your tour at Armstrong Parkway and Preston Road. The houses and trees are covered in strings of lights.

Arlington: Interlochen Lights Display

One of the largest areas to explore during this time of the year, especially with young and excited children in tow, will prove to be Interlochen lights display. Consisting of more than 200 Interlochen homes, these homesteads are dressed up each year from top to bottom in any number of holiday-themed displays. You will see so many beautiful lights you may wonder how they handle the monthly energy bill! This is the perfect time for you to look into booking a tour of the area, and booking early will help you to get the best rates, vehicles, and available times for you to get on the road for some holiday adventuring. While you’re in the area, take a moment to stop by Six Flags Over Texas for another special holiday display and many holiday-themed shows put on for the whole family to enjoy.

Addison: Vitruvian Lights

The 12-acre park in Addison will, as always, be wrapped in millions of twinkling LED lights, resulting in more than 250 glittering trees lit up in the night. On a stop of your Addison tour, take the time to walk along this otherworldly sight and enjoy a moment of pure magic as those with whom you travel with join you for the fun. It’s not uncommon for live events to happen in the park, and they often go on well into the night. Already beautiful in its own right, Vitruvian Park will blow you away with its absolutely extraordinary sights.

Kessler Park: Back to Dallas

The Oak Cliff neighborhood is home to many families and businesses who take the time to put up many millions of lights, each unique in appearance and style. As you travel along with a trained driver to lead the way, you will find it much easier to have a great time with friends and family along for the ride. This is your opportunity to truly explore Dallas and its neighboring towns at its very best, and while on your way through the streets you may be surprised to see how many eateries and shopping areas remain open much later for an opportunity to let you inside for additional fun and great food.

See It All

The best way to see all of the sights offered in Dallas is to simply plan the sightseeing tour of the ages, and companies such as ECHO make that possible. Imagine climbing into a luxury group vehicle, settling into clean, comfortable seats beside an enormous window, and then allowing a trained and friendly driver to do all of the hard work. You will get to see all of the best moments in the city and beyond, never find yourself lost along the way, and let everyone enjoy the fun without the interruption being forced to drive or take separate cars.