Questions to Ask Your Wedding Transportation Service

You were finally asked that incredibly exciting question, and you could hardly wait to get started creating the perfect wedding. However, you likely realized right away just how much work goes into planning this amazing event. First, you had to decide where you were planning to have the wedding and reception, book a caterer, order flowers, find the perfect dress and much more. From the day you first agreed to marry the person you love to the day you arrive at the wedding ready to say, “I do,” you cannot fail to miss even one small detail. For this reason, you must bring a set of pointed questions to any part of the planning, especially when you must rely on a stranger for help.

When chartering a van, minibus, transit bus, or any other type of vehicle, several aspects come into play. Look for a reliable transportation service capable of transporting you to and from the location of your venue. The best companies not only cover one portion of Texas, but the entire state. This day, you never need to worry about someone being left behind or paying unreasonable additional fees just to get your wedding party to all the fun.

The Fleet

Once you know which company you want and confirm they can do the job, you need to count the number of people guaranteed to need a ride. Most wedding parties arrive at the event together, often hours before the actual start of the fun, to get hair and make-up done, dressed and put up décor. To accommodate the sheer number of men and women who must arrive at once, you need a vehicle capable of holding them all.

For example, you may have about 15 people to transport to your venue. Therefore, your best option might be a 12-29 passenger transit bus. Not only are these exceptionally comfortable and roomy enough to hold everyone with ease, but they are perfect for both local and long-distance trips. In addition to ample seating, you should also have all the storage space needed for important décor items, gifts and more. Once you know the number of people in your wedding party, you must ask your transportation service which vehicles are best for the job.


Any vehicle chartered for this event will come with a highly trained, professional driver. Be sure to ask not only what amenities to expect from the vehicle, but also what the driver can do on your behalf. After all, some charter buses allow you only so much freedom in regard to the number of stops and pick-ups you can make. You simply want to know exactly what you can and cannot do as you work to make your wedding day unforgettable.

The Cost

Whenever possible, you always save money by splitting the bill with as many passengers as possible. The more people arriving for the fun, the less each of you need to pay out of pocket. To further reduce cost, be sure to ask your transportation professional about rates and what can be done to keep costs reasonably low. Not only should you arrive in style and have the time of your life, but your wallet should still have cash in it by the time you head to your honeymoon. Remember that the same vehicles capable of taking you to and from your wedding event can also offer airport transit and more.