Have a lot of Family Coming for Graduation? Charter Your Transportation With Us:

With graduation just around the corner, it can be a difficult feat to bring the whole family together just to witness this proud event. After all, it is not every day that a member of the family graduates from high school or college, and this type of occasion should be celebrated by everyone. Whether you rent a party bus to help you and your friends arrive at the ceremony in style or simply charter to bring your entire family down to witness each graduate walk the stage, condensing transportation is worth it.

Money Saved

There are many different ways in which you save money by choosing to bring everyone at once in a single-vehicle. Most importantly, you save everyone a significant amount in regard to gas just to get to the event, and this is made all the more exciting when you consider the avoided wear and tear. This alone will make the choice of chartering transportation through us worth it in the long run.

In addition to saving money on transportation itself, you can split the cost of the charter among the many parties going to the event. For example, your family and three others could choose to ride together on the charter bus. By the time you split the cost among everyone, you will spend far less than you would if you took your own vehicle while simultaneously allowing yourself to relax and celebrate without the need to drive in traffic and worry about parking.

Arrive on Time

Chartered transportation is perfect for any large group worried about arriving on time, especially if you have a large group coming from several different locations. To further save time, have all attendees congregate at one central pick-up point and enjoy a ride straight to the event. Not only will you all arrive at the same time and in the same place, but you should significantly increase your chance of arriving on time to get a great seat.

Arriving Together

Even if you all arrive on time, it could be that all of your guests arrive at different areas of the event, and this can quickly become a huge problem. Many Texas colleges, such as UNT, maintain enormous stadiums with multiple locations for parking, seating for thousands and any other ways for you to get separated. The ability to arrive at the same time and place should allow you to minimize the chance of not finding enough seating or of being forced to separate before the event.

Expert Driver

Unlike renting a vehicle, which you would have to drive on your own, charter transportation means you arrive in style with the help of a trained and experienced driver. This dedicated professional will know the roads of your pick-up location and destination and all of the best routes to arrive quickly. From the moment you first step onto one of your charter buses or vans is the moment you can begin relaxing in your seat while our experts handle the rest.