Have A Lot of Family Coming for Graduation? Charter Your Transportation With Us

Is your son, daughter, grandchild or other important family member graduating from high school or college this May or June? If so, we at Echo Transportation express our heartfelt congratulations. We know how hard it is to reach that goal of earning a high school or college diploma.

Graduation is a time for celebration. At Echo, we love to help families and friends wholeheartedly focus on their loved one’s accomplishment, rather than the less pleasant aspects of a crowded event taking place on an enormous campus. Echo can help you avoid some of the worst parts of graduation, including traffic, parking and getting lost in the crowd.

Effortless Arrivals

We can’t make traffic disappear. But you won’t have to deal with it directly if you leave the driving in the capable hands of our professional drivers. Instead, you’ll be catching up with cousins, chatting with your favorite aunt, and predicting all the fantastic things to come for your graduate.

We’ll drop you off close to the entrance—you might not even see the parking lot. And everybody will arrive together. No bumping into people as you frantically text your brother, trying to figure out where the heck he is. When you arrive together, you’re much likelier to be able to find seats together, rather than being spread out around an enormous college stadium. This means you’ll have a stronger cheering section when your graduate crosses the stage. Echo also makes arrivals easy for any members of your party with mobility issues.

An Affordable Solution

Not only is riding with Echo convenient, but it’s also cost-effective and eco-friendly when more people ride together in a single vehicle. You’ll save wear and tear on your own vehicle, you won’t pay for parking or gas, and you won’t contribute to the graduation traffic jam. You can split the cost of the charter bus between family members. Or, if your family isn’t large enough to fill a bus, consider organizing a group of people who all have a loved one graduating in the same ceremony. It’s a win/win for your wallet and the environment. Plus, you’ll have way more fun on our bus than you would driving through graduation traffic.

Expert Driver

Unlike renting a vehicle, which you would have to drive on your own, charter transportation means you arrive in style with the help of a trained and experienced driver. This dedicated professional will know the roads of your pick-up location and destination and all of the best routes to arrive quickly. You’ll begin to relax as soon as you step onto one of our charter buses or vans. Let our experts handle the rest.