Fair Park’s Attractions When The State Fair is Over

There are more than a few amazing events to enjoy once the State Fair of Texas has come and gone, but they do not get the proper amount of exposure with the famous name of the fair overshadowing them. The best fun of the park is that there is never a stop to the many events, camps, and other activities available for those who visit during the year. No matter if you travel alone, with a romantic partner, or as part of a large group, you will find something exciting to experience and new places to explore during your time in the park after the State Fair of Texas has come and gone.

Cotton Bowl Stadium

The Cotton Bowl Stadium received a 57-million-dollar makeover in 2000, and now you can enjoy spending time at the ninth largest football stadium in the nation with just over 92,100 seats! With twice as many restrooms and concession stands, additional upper and lower decks, and much more, you may now walk around the entire stadium with the help of a 360 upper deck. This three-story structure will make your next big game experience something to remember, especially if your beloved team is the one to bring home victory that day.

Swan Boats

Fair Park is home to a beautiful lagoon with clean, gorgeous water and the opportunity to have fun and a bit of exercise all at once with the people you love. Swan boats are a Southern tradition, and children are especially excited to paddle out onto the water to enjoy the sunshine and fish swimming below. At just $10 a swan, with the second swan being only $5 to the same group, you could enjoy time out on the water for a very low cost and at the maximum level of excitement.

Texas Skyway

The Texas Skyway is somewhat famous, and there is a good reason for this because the gondolas that float above the fun of the park are absolutely a sight to behold. First debuted just 10 years ago in 2007, the Texas Skyway can carry up to 5,000 people an hour using eight-passenger gondolas that travel 600 feet per minute! These are absolutely amazing in design, and they employ the latest in safety equipment to ensure every single passenger is kept safe and comfortable during their time on the gondola. This is an opportunity to enjoy a unique view of Fair Park with your family; and children are especially awed by this fast and exciting form of travel from one side of The Midway to the other.

Texas Star Ferris Wheel

One of the key aspects of the State Fair of Texas is the Ferris wheel. This is one attraction that will forever remain right where it is, State Fair or no State Fair. While it is certainly given more attention during the fair, you may still get onto the largest Ferris wheel in North America located at the far south end of the Midway. This is your chance to explore the best views while spending some quality time with a friend or loved one along the way.

Top o’ Texas Tower

At just under 12-million-dollars, this is one ride that has been heavily invested to create an unparalleled experience for those who ride it. This is your opportunity to explore a panorama of the DFW Metroplex in a way that is different than you could ever imagine, and you get to see a full, 360 view of the entire city; a view you can share with friends and loved ones. During selected Fair park events, this ride is opened to the public and available for you to enjoy along with others.

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