Echo Serves Military Passengers and Proudly Supports our Troops

If you’ve perused our website in the past, you may recall seeing a “Groups We Serve” section. And if you’ve clicked that button, then you’ll know that our clientele list is fairly extensive. We pride ourselves working with nearly every kind of group, from students on field trips to sightseeing vacation-goers. Our fleet of larger vehicles, all of which include amenities like plush seating, extra leg room, and onboard Wi-Fi, ensure that anyone who travels with us does so comfortably.

One such group that we can readily accommodate is military personnel. Many members from leadership through all departments, including drivers, are veterans and military spouses who have proudly served our country.  It is with great pride and care that we serve our troops by providing transportation when needed. Transporting folks affiliated with the Department of Defense (DoD) is a little more complicated than transporting a high school band or a church youth group, but when service members need us, we’re more than happy to rise to the occasion!
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Cut Above the Rest

It’s worth mentioning that not every transportation company is certified to carry military passengers. In order to qualify for this important task, a business must apply for a certification from the DoD and then meet their standards of excellence. According to the official Defense Travel Management Office (DTMO) website, requirements include:

  • At least one year of passenger transportation experience.
  • Passing a pre-qualification safety inspection.
  • Undergoing unscheduled inspections of all facilities, terminals, and equipment every two years.

A full list of DoD-approved transportation companies can be found on the DTMO website (for anyone curious, ECHO can be found under the “Texas” heading). The website also contains a copy of the written agreement that carrier companies must comply with in order to transport passengers on behalf of the DoD. Said agreement clocks in at a whopping 47 pages and contains stipulations about nearly every aspect of ground travel (ride scheduling, insurance requirements, accommodations for meal and bathroom breaks, etc.).

The bottom line? Our federal government does not entrust just anyone with the safe transportation of military personal. Also, not every transport company is able—or willing—to meet their standards of excellence.

Our Kind of People
ECHO Transportation works with all branches of the military and serves all major bases and installations in the Dallas / Ft. Worth, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston areas. So whether an individual is with the Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Army, or Coast Guard, we can provide the following services for both them and their family:

  • Military movement and recruit travel.
  • Training center transport.
  • Airport and railway transfers.

We understand that, when it comes to military matters, “secrecy” is often synonymous with “safety.” Thus, we prefer to keep many of the details of our military transport program under wraps. We only share specific information when we’re contacted by a representative of the DTMO (or someone else acting in an official capacity) with serious plans to make a reservation.


Being able to provide safe, comfortable transportation for service members is an honor and privilege. Granted, we strive to deliver an overall great experience regardless of the group we’re serving; that’s why we only hire the best drivers to “captain” our vehicles. But working with folks from the DoD is a special duty that we don’t take lightly, as evidenced by our continued compliance with their standards and regulations. We’d also like to think that our track record of impeccable customer service speaks for itself!

In closing, to any soldiers (past and present) reading this post: thank you for your service!