How Echo Is Helping Churches Spread Their Message of Love Across Texas

spread love
No matter if you plan to send the seniors of your church on an excursion to the Dallas World Aquarium or on a tour designed to introduce members of the community with those of your church, ECHO is the transportation company that will make it possible. Large groups are costly to transport using everyday cars, especially if you plan to make multiple trips or have a particularly large group, and you never know what type of problem may arise without warning. In addition, traditional vehicles force one of your passengers to lose their chance to enjoy the view as you travel because they will have no choice but to drive the vehicle and its passengers to your destination.

14 Passenger Van

The perfect vehicle for Church event excursions, the 14 Passenger van will allow your entire group to travel in comfort and style with the help of a highly skilled and trained professional. This vehicle is available with a wide range of amenities, including everything you need to keep up to date with your itinerary without feeling crowded. Plenty of luggage room will allow you to stow away instruments, luggage, or really anything else you may need once you arrive so that you may better spread the good word your church believes in.

Church Conferences

Conferences are an exceptionally popular event for churches and often see congregations travelling across the country just to attend and take part in the many aspects of such events. Coming up shortly are some particularly beneficial and exciting conferences perfectly suited for any church to attend and enjoy, especially as a group for a trip designed to deepen faith and spread a message of cooperation, joy, and eternal life. Passion 2018, a conference to be held on January 1-3 of next year, is one such conference set to be held at the Philips Arena, Atlanta, Infinite Energy Arena, Atlanta, and The Anthem, D.C., and this is one conference dedicated to young adults between the ages of 18 and 25 along with their leaders to congregate and celebrate the word of God.

A second conference, Soar, will be held on July 3-5 of 2018 at the Omni Hotel in Dallas, TX, and this conference is particularly perfect for group attendance due to its close location. With preparations already underway, this is a conference packed from start to finish with learning, worship, and hands-on opportunities to minister around the theme of the conference: Local: The Church is Here. No matter if you only plan to bring your church’s youth congregation to the event or the entire congregation, you are sure to have a great time and arrive in style when you choose transportation services built from the ground up with your needs in mind.

Coming soon on July 26-28 of 2018, the Motion X conference is one designed to create a unique and memorable atmosphere in which the youth of today may deepen their faith and learn more about what it is to worship God. This local church student conference is the result of those who wish to put real motion into the way believers follow Christ, meaning that faith should never be hidden, contained, or left to remain idle. With 10 months left to prepare for this conference event, you have all the time in the world to set up reliable transportation services as you make your way to Alabama for the fun and worship, and although early-bird registration is no longer open, you may register as early as February of next year. For any church seeking to book transportation services for their next conference, a 10% discount is available if you mention LoveEcho2018 at the time of your quote so that you may fully utilize your funds.

Reliable Transportation

ECHO is a company dedicated to providing excellence in all aspects of its services, no matter if you need transportation to a wedding or need to set up last mile transportation for your employees. This service is always cost-effective and may even be tailored to suit your individual needs in most cases, allowing you to receive the utmost in quality and excitement with every road trip. The drivers who operate the vehicles undergo hands-on and thorough training, and they know the streets of Texas better than some who have lived there for generations, thanks to this unparalleled education.