C3 Conference Coming up in Dallas Next Month

Get ready to sing praises, folks, because the 2018 Creative Church Conference is coming to Dallas, Texas in February!

The Creative Church Conference, or “C3,” bills itself as a “gathering of thousands of leaders and influencers from all walks of life…around the world,” all of whom “are passionate about bringing a new level of excellence to our churches and hope to our communities.” On February 14 and 15, attendees of the conference will be treated to live music, rousing guest speakers, and opportunities for fellowship on a much larger scale than many of us normally experience.

If you think you might be interested in attending C3, here are some things to consider:

The conference is for anyone with an open heart and mind.

Let’s be clear: this event is not just for pastors and church elders. If that were the case, they wouldn’t offer group discounts on admission (more on that in a moment). Any adult who has an interest in being a spiritual leader, or feels driven to help bolster their church, is welcome to attend C3. Don’t feel like you’re “not qualified” to go just because you have never attended seminary!

That said, large events can be quite intimidating when you’re by yourself, and C3 likely won’t be an exception to this rule. So, instead of going there alone, why not plan to bring a few friends, family members, and/or people from your Bible study group? The conference will represent a major opportunity to branch out and meet other people, but it will still probably be comforting to have a few familiar faces in your corner. Plus, you can pick each other’s brains between sessions, discussing ideas and encouraging each other to apply what you’ve learned to your daily lives.

Admission is less expensive if you buy tickets for a large group.

Savvy shoppers know that when you buy items in bulk, you tend to get more bang for your buck. Well, the same can be said for passes to C3! Standard admission tickets are $199. However, if you buy more than 20 tickets, the 21st ticket (and any subsequent tickets) are only $20 each.

Your group can take advantage of this amazing bargain in one of two ways: the first (and probably the most obvious) is to reserve the cheaper tickets for folks who’d love to go to the conference but can’t afford to pay full price. The second option is to use the discount to subsidize more expensive tickets. For example, in a group of 30 people, the first 20 tickets would be $199 each and then $20 each for the remaining 10. That’s a grand total of $4,180. Each of the 30 individuals would then only have to submit $140 to cover the total cost of tickets. The deal gets better the more passes you buy; if you increase the number of tickets purchased to 100, the price per person drops to just under $56.

We’re not saying that you should only go to the conference if you can get your whole congregation signed up, too. But if you can register as part of a large group, then you should definitely do so!

Transportation and lodging are not included, but they are pretty easy to find.

Now, that $199 (and below) price tag only covers admission to the conference. If you’re not from the DFW Metroplex and therefore not planning to commute to the venue both days, you’ll need to make separate arrangements for getting to the event and “setting up shop” somewhere nearby. The second part shouldn’t be too difficult; there are several hotels within a few miles of the conference venue, and a few of them are actually offering special rates for C3 attendees. We recommend that you make your reservations ASAP, though, as hotels tend to fill up in the weeks leading up to a major convention or event!

So, that just leaves the issue of transportation. C3 will be attended by folks from all over the world, so there will probably be plenty of visitors who are planning to just fly into town for the week. But plane tickets can be prohibitively expensive, and arranging air travel for a large group of people can be a logistical nightmare. Caravanning with several cars presents a whole host of challenges, as well.

If you’re within driving (or at least road-tripping) distance from the Metroplex, the best solution might just be to hire a professional transportation company to serve your travel needs. (Mention this blog to one of our agents when you request a quote for transportation and receive a special discount for your group!) Passenger vans, mini-coaches and busses have the capacity to accommodate larger numbers of people than personal vehicles; everyone in your party can “stick together” instead of breaking into groups. And in addition to equipping their fleet with amenities like sound systems and free Wi-Fi, these services also provide trained, professional drivers for your trip. No more quarreling over gas money, no more taking turns behind the wheel, and no more arguing about who’s going to ask the pastor’s wife to please stop texting while she’s driving (because someone really SHOULD say something about it!).

The bottom line: when you hire a professional transportation service, getting from point A to point B, and then from point B back to point A, both get placed in the category of “things you don’t need to worry about.”


Obviously, today’s post is only meant to be a very brief overview of the 2018 Creative Church Conference; detailed information about the event — including instructions for registering online — can be found on C3’s official website. Only you can decide whether or not you’d enjoy attending; while many people don’t really care for large conferences or organized religion, others may find that C3 is just what they need to reinvigorate their spirituality or give them a sense of empowerment for 2018.

And if you think that the latter description will be true for you…ECHO Transportation would be honored to play a role in getting you where you need to go!