What animals you can see at the Trinity River Audubon Center

The Trinity River Audubon Center is home to many dozens of rarely seen birds, and there are species ranging from warblers to Waterbirds, like Green-Winged ducks. No matter if you come for just an hour or two or spend a full day walking through the large area marking off the many species found there on a special brochure, you are sure to see many unique and colorful birds enjoying life in the center. This is a great place to bring children who are yet building a hunger for adventure, and it is also a fantastic area to explore alone or with friends, especially if you want to get some great exercise while you observe the many species.


Although most birds considered warblers, also classified as Passeriformes or “perching birds,” are not necessarily closely related to each other. However, they do share many characteristics such as their small stature and the way they feed on insects for a complete diet. These birds can be found in many colors, and the center is home to orange-crowned, Nashville, yellow-rumped, black-throated green, black-and-white, and Wilson’s. All of these are fairly small and unassuming birds who spend much of their life chasing insects and attempting to find suitable mates.


There are a wide range of birds that take to the water for the majority of their life, either to filter feed off the bottom or to catch small fish for dinner. Many of these species, such as ring-necked and wood ducks, lay their eggs in nests not too far from the water and are fiercely protective of them. Among the water fowl, you can find Mallards, Gadwalls, Lesser Scaups, Northern Shovelers, and American Pigeons.

Other swimming birds include the American Coot, the American White Pelican, and the Double-crested Cormorant, all of which are beautiful species that are fascinating to watch in action as they follow their food. These are not only bountiful in number and often quite fascinating for children to watch, but they will make a great addition to any rare bird-watching list along the way. A great hobby of some visitors is to relax at a safe distance and to enjoy sketching out a few images of the birds in their natural habitat.

Forest/Prairie Birds

Found inside the wooded area of the center, you will discover many birds of prey, such as Red-shouldered, Red-tailed, and Sharp-shinned Cooper’s. In addition, you can spot many Eastern Screech and Great Horned owls enjoying a long nap during the day and prowling the night for food after sundown. Owls are a unique species of bird capable of turning their head more than 180 degrees with ease, thanks in no small part to specialty blood vessels and bone structure in their neck.

In addition to the birds of prey, you can find the Yellow-billed Cuckoo bird, a bird known around the world for its unique call. Belted Kingfishers and Common Nighthawks also flit among the trees, and there are many, many more species to discover. No matter where you walk among the center, you are sure to see one or two new species to add to your list, allowing you to make some spectacular discoveries. Not only are these birds a sight to behold, but their life in the center can truly open up an explorer’s mind to the world around them and how different two birds that are closely related can appear.