5 Reasons the Dallas World Aquarium Should be on Your Vacation Itinerary

Whether you plan to explore the city of Dallas as part of your time traveling through Texas or simply for a day out with the family, there are simply some attractions you cannot afford to miss. The Dallas World Aquarium is one such place capable of inciting wonder and amazement in all who enter within just a few moments, and the animals housed there are varied and spectacular enough to make you feel as if you stepped into another world. The cost-effective price of tickets is enough, when combined with the hours of fun to be had, to make this one-stop on your trip through Dallas you will not soon forget.

Mundo Maya

This eight-story exhibit is home to plants and animals depicted in generations of Mayan folklore and featured as a big part of this ancient culture, and this is a heavily immersive experience including a 400,000-gallon walk-through Cenote exhibit filled with sea turtles, majestic rays, and a wide range of impressive sharks. These species are all found in the Yucatan Peninsula and are truly a sight your children will find spectacular to experience, and you may find yourself staring open-mouthed for a moment, too.


The seven-story Orinoco Secrets of the River exhibit is the place to find immense bio-diversity unlike that found anywhere else save the South American rainforest, the location these species call home. There, you will find the beautiful Saffron toucanet, Ocellate river stingray, Hawk-headed parrot, and many more amazing species all too happy to let you observe them as they go through their daily lives. It is here where you will see many majestic and colorful species of birds, as well as the slow but adorable sloth.

Family Fun

There are few places in Dallas quite as fun for quite as long as the Dallas World Aquarium simply for the many thousands of animals your children can meet and learn about during their stay. With a brand new experience to be had in each room you discover, you may not even get to see it all in a full day, prompting you to come back for a second trip at your earliest convenience. Since prices are low and there is so much to see, your children will have more than a few things to talk about after you leave, and you may yet see a spark of passion for nature and exploration.

Nearby Attractions

Once you have your fill of the aquarium and plan to enjoy additional sightseeing in the city, the World Aquarium is located in the heart of the fun, with many famous restaurants and additional attractions located just blocks away. No matter how you plan to spend your day, you will never run out of actions to enjoy while you find yourself exploring the city, although you may not have any time left in the day if you attempt to explore all of the aquarium’s five exhibits.

True Learning

There are fewer and fewer places in the world with which you can combine fun, intrigue, excitement, and learning all into one fantastic equation. No matter if you come alone, with a romantic partner for a date, or with the entire family, the results are the same every single time you visit this location. This is truly one area of Dallas designed to move the mind as much as the heart.