5 Must-Have Features in Motorcoaches

We hold this truth to be self-evident: not all motorcoaches are created equal.

Sure, utilizing mass transit is usually safer and more eco-friendly than driving or riding in a personal vehicle. And any bus that can get you somewhere on time and in one piece is usually considered acceptable. But when it comes to true luxury, though, some motorcoaches go above and beyond “acceptable.”

Here are five must-have features for any deluxe motorcoach

Comfortable Seats

Have you ever fallen asleep on a couch or in a chair and woken up with a crick in your neck or back? This scenario is a testament to the fact that most seats will get more and more vexatious the longer you stay put. And if the chair in question is too narrow or doesn’t provide enough leg room, then you’ll find yourself in even more of a bind.

sprinter van

Because motorcoaches are nearly always deployed for use on long road trips (they’re not really a practical choice for short jaunts), any of these vehicles worth their salt will include extra-plush seating for all passengers. Many will also include the ability to recline individual seats, even if it’s only a few degrees in one direction.

Remember: an “acceptably comfortable” seat can become downright obnoxious after an hour or so. A seat that can remain comfortable for the entire duration of your trip, meanwhile, is worth its weight in gold.

Ample Luggage Space

What’s your attitude toward packing for a trip? Are you one of those folks who simply need a standard backpack for a four-day journey? Or do you feel unprepared for a weekend outing unless you’re equipped with two full-sized suitcases? Whatever your personal preferences, if you need to move a large group of people from Point A to Point B, then it’s not enough to have adequate seating for each individual—you’ve got to account for everyone’s bags, too.

Airlines have become notoriously stingy with their baggage policies in recent years; it seems that regulation sizes have gotten smaller and smaller while fees have increased. Fortunately, luxury motor coaches have plenty of room to accommodate baggage. Between the under-passenger area, overhead storage bins, and under-seat spaces, your belongings will be able to travel almost as comfortably as you will!

Electrical Outlets

These days, smartphones and tablets are practically essential on long car trips; not only do they allow us to stay in touch with others while we’re on the road, but they also help us to keep track of our reservations and—of course—fight boredom. And yet, to paraphrase an old saying: “The spirit is willing, but the battery is weak!” If you’re a big fan of games and apps, then chances are, you already know which ones on your device will take you from 50% power to 20% power in the blink of an eye.

Portable power banks are becoming more and more common, but motorcoaches with electric outlets built into the seats or armrests are, too. Whenever your device starts hitting you with “low battery” notifications, you can simply plug it in and let it charge while you’re still in transit. And because there’s one outlet for every seat in the vehicle, there’s no need to argue with your neighbor about which one of you needs it more.


Now, being able to charge your devices while on a road trip is one thing. Being able to access the internet, however, is another matter entirely! A lot of popular apps and devices work much better when they can connect to the internet, and some will only work when they can find a signal. If there’s no Wi-Fi available, many of us will resort to using data—and unless you have an unlimited data plan, doing so can get expensive very quickly.

The solution, of course, is to choose a motorcoach that is outfitted with onboard Wi-Fi. Once you connect to their network, you can browse to your heart’s content without worrying about data usage. Stream videos, play games, or check and send work-/school-related emails. The possibilities are practically endless.

Entertainment Systems

But what if you would rather your traveling companions took part in a group activity instead of burying themselves in their individual phones and devices? What if you’re chaperoning a bunch of children or teens and they want a change of pace? What if your group feels an inexplicable urge to sing karaoke or “riff” on a movie that everyone’s already seen?

Installing an audiovisual entertainment system in a vehicle isn’t exactly a new concept, but it’s 2018, and we’re pleased to say that luxury motorcoaches have done a pretty good job of keeping with the times. Instead of tiny televisions or VHS players, travelers can now enjoy oversized flat screens, DVD and Blu-Ray players, and even satellite TV. It’s like having a home media room on wheels!

At Echo Transportation, we strive to provide our clients with the safest, most comfortable, stress-free travel experience possible. And that’s why we’re so serious about having all of the aforementioned amenities on our full-sized motorcoaches. When someone’s a passenger in one of our vehicles, we never want them to feel like they’re “stuck on a bus.” We want them to feel like they can truly, genuinely enjoy the ride!