10 Dallas Music Venues for Concert Lovers

As you move through Dallas, you are likely to hear about the hundreds of amazing restaurants and other exciting locations available inside the city. What many people forget to mention are the unparalleled live music venues you can find with just a bit of information on your side. The power of live music can bring you together with friends, family and other concert lovers from all corners of the state.

Whether you want to enjoy a romantic evening listening to the latest jazz music or shake your hips along with your favorite pop songs, there are 10 different live music venues you could try while moving through Dallas. Even if you are only there for a day or two, squeezing just one or two venues into your stay could make a big difference to your experience there.

Sons of Hermann Hall

Located in Deep Ellum, this amazing location has some of the most authentic and exciting country music in the state. While there are plenty of honky-tonks available in this part of the city, few stand up to this hall originally built to house a fraternity of German immigrants. Today, this live music venue is perfect for people who love folk, country, and blues mixed in with their favorite alternative pop and reggae.

In addition to the live bands, an experienced DJ can help get any party pumping louder and harder, offering guests all their favorite new and classic songs. If you drop by on a Wednesday night, you can even get a free lesson in dancing, where you could go home with a number of new moves to show off. You can also enjoy a lovely jukebox, shuffleboard, and pool table to provide a number of exciting activities while you listen.

Sambuca Uptown


Of all the dance clubs available in the city, few stand up to the fun at Sambuca Uptown. Home to a lovely ambiance and a large number of fun-loving regulars, you can expect to get some great food and drinks while you listen to some fresh, live music. When you’re satisfied with your meal, you can spend the rest of your time there showing off your many amazing dance moves on the dance floor, and you might even make a few friends along the way.

With many specialty dishes on the menu, a number of live bands with tastes ranging from jazz to Latin ballroom music, you are unlikely to leave unhappy with your experience there. This is absolutely the best spot for younger couples or for people looking for a bit of luxury included with their musical entertainment. The concerts held here are absolutely out of this world, and the bands regularly switch out to keep the music fresh.


The Balcony Club


Sometimes the best fun can be found in a small package, which is absolutely the case when you consider the fun to be had at The Balcony Club. This 1,400-sf jazz venue will give you something new and exciting to experience any day of the week, which is not always true of other venues. In addition to a constant stream of live artists, the names are huge, such as Lucky Peterson, Linny Nance, and others. This is the place you go when you want to enjoy some of the best jazz concerts since jazz first became popular.

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Gilley’s Dallas

When in Texas, you must expect to hear more than a few countries western songs, and none are quite as lovely to enjoy as those offered at Gilley’s Dallas. You can even find a classic mechanical bull right inside this venue, giving the location a feel not unlike what you see portrayed in movies. This is absolutely the best place to sit down with someone you know for great live and local country music every Friday and Saturday night.

The concerts held here are always free, and you get access to a large dance floor and cold beer for courage. If you want to enjoy some live music throughout the rest of the week, the South Side Music Hall and Loft are found on-site and they hold live music during other days. Pull-on your cowboy boots and tip your hat as you walk into this perfect country venue.

Curtain Club & Liquid Lounge

When you want to listen to some of the best quality music in the city, you can look no further than the Curtain Club. This institution is something you could only find in Dallas, with both local and regional alternative rock bands playing regularly. This location is not particularly large, but the sound quality found there is unparalleled.

With at least three bands playing each night, you are sure to get your money’s worth every time you walk inside. However, you must be above 21 to enter the Liquid Lounge and at least 17 to enter the Curtain Club. With the sound quality and a sheer number of live performances offered, it is no wonder they want to cater to an older crowd.

Library Bar

Located inside the Warwick Melrose Hotel in the Oak Lawn neighborhood, this beautiful and classic bar is a great location for people who want relaxing and traditional settings. Dark surfaces, comfortable sofas and gorgeous bookshelves lined with a number of titles everyone can love all add to a fantastic experience. Guests get to experience soft conversation while listening to live pianists and saxophone players, and there are plenty of delicious meals available for your enjoyment. This is the place you go whenever you want to take a moment to relax, unwind and listen to beautiful music.

Double Wide Bar


For something outside of the norm, there are few places that fit the bill as well as the Double Wide Bar. This is one of the most popular locations for singles, couples, and groups to enjoy a fresh, cold beer and cutting-edge rock and country acts on Friday and Saturday nights. If you visit any other time, expect to enjoy the music offered by an experienced DJ.

Lee Harvey’s

With outdoor patio seating and plenty of live music available, Lee Harvey is a great place to casually spend time with people you care about. The gravel patio and well-maintained picnic tables offer a more comfortable type of experience, and the fresh music is regularly exchanged to help you never hear the same sound twice. The indoor area of the bar is cool and relaxing, with plenty of room to enjoy one of the best jukeboxes in the Dallas area. This is the place to go when you want to get together with a group of friends.

Adair’s Saloon

Although Deep Ellum is typically known to be Dallas’s most cutting-edge district, there are still parts that keep with simpler times. For example, Adair’s Saloon is home to some of the best honky-tonk fun, and it has been around since 1963. Although the location and owners have changed over time, other, more classical aspects remained the same. This amazing location is a safe haven for people who like to enjoy fresh beer, listen to great concerts, and eat fantastic burgers.

Granada Theater


Last but in no way the least is the Granada Theater, located in the heart of Greenville Avenue. This is a Dallas institution first established in 1946 and is one of the city’s most popular live music spots. There are live concerts performed there throughout the week and a spectacular ceiling mural and architectural elements to enjoy. Most concerts offer a waiting service, allowing you to sample delicious cocktails and food, and it is absolutely a more upscale location for a concert. When you want to bring your adult friends to a great live venue, this is the place to be at on any day of the week.